Import Screen Error

Hello friends,
I am working on my one new project in which I need register and login screen. So I exported Screen1 from my different project in this project there are total 5 screens. But the screen I exported is not the actual screen but screen I exported. I have try many time.
How can I export the actual screen i needed.

You already have a screen with same name (Screen1). Edit screen name manually and then import or design again and import or copy screen1 with another name (on old project) and then export to import on new project.

That should not matter since the screen is renamed anyway…

@ramrajput200021 I think that your exported screen.ais actually contains all of your screens

@Boban How can I solve this ?

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Thank You @Boban and @asimjib93 for your instant reply, now I have solved my problem.

How I solved ?
First I exported the project from which I need screen then import it with different name and delete all screen except one which I need and export the screen and import it and it is Successfully imported with same screen.

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