Error on importing screen(.ais used)

Error popup is displayed every time I click anywhere on imported page(designer), no error in blocks, screenshot attached below.I used export and import default option(.ais) of kodular.And I can’t work anymore on the screen in designer section but everything works fine on blocks section.
Screenshot (166)

What’s the screen name (original .ais) that you imported?

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Is there anything special about the screen. Maybe extensions in it? I just tested it for myself and it is working.

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Did you also import assets, extensions that are bound to the screen

Original screen name-“output”

It has com.kennicholsandroid.TableView.aix extension

yes, its working on companion and app but not able to add or edit in designer section.

As I mention above

before importing screen

I don’t remember which i did first!

I removed screen now then I imported again as these was extension before but the error remains.

Probably that your ais is messed up, do a quick check, open your ais with winrar or 7zip and check if there are other screens present

If i open my ais with winrar i can find all the screens which are in my application,should i delete all the screens except one screen related to ais file.

Yes you should

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yes it solved for one screen but not for second, the exported .ais file contains .yail file for first and for second it is absent, is this the reason still for second screen ?

Me too shows an error while importing the display.
I can’t delete the faulty display from my project.

What could be the problem?

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