[Important] Prevent Piracy!

the problem is there are many more,
can you add verification method in extension for future, there must be a way

The Verification method is not at all effective…I can add Email or phone verification but still they can use a verified email unlimited times

Can you publish it here?

and i deleted it again to prevent spreading.

see thumbnail, lol

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Thank you



well it is little harder but you can create your own website where buyers can come and create unique key for each new project, one key valid for just on project, hence buyer only buyer can create key and you can limit the extension use with package name and all

He Keeps on Adding More Extensions :neutral_face:

Could you please post the name of this project? @Deepanshu_Arya @Abhijith_Dominic

His app Name is SG Developer

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i am not sure if he is sending free extension in this particular project, this is to track the person

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I found this in his Manifest : android:name="io.kodular.guptajagannath73.SG_Developer.permission.C2D_MESSAGE


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User has been identified and blocked.
Thanks for helping!


Great! :relieved: Thank you Guys, He cant make anymore updates to the app but it’s Dynamic and he can add extensions without app update so

I think we must take it as mission to stop this, we really have a good team…

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Update : His YouTube Channel is Now Banned.

I Disabled His Apk as well


How? Mention here so it can be useful for others in future??


Hii Friends. Sorry to disturb you all. But it is not the only way to share paid aix free of cost so kindly you have to take good action. Also you all have to increase the safety…

Thank you

I know that there are a lot of WhatsApp Group’s which share paid extensions for free.

That’s not possible at the moment. All Safety Measures can be bypassed easily

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Something to take care of this is already on our roadmap.


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