[Important] Prevent Piracy!

One Guy Is Giving Paid extension for free in his android app. How can i report His App to Google to prevent future installation in Android? He is giving a lot of Paid extensions For free in his app. This app has to be taken down immediately. If anyone Has any suggestions on how to report the app to Google that would be nice. If Google can Ban his app like Lucky patcher it would be nice

PS : His app is not on Playstore

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Can you pm me his name. Maybe he is on this forum to.

If it is not on playstore google can not do much. How is he spreading his apk?

get the link where he has uploaded the extensions and report that

He is Spreading Through his website

I have Taken Down his Video But About his apk

His Name is Somnath Gupta. He Named His YouTube Channel and His app SG Developer which is Similar to mine… Simple Gamers ans my Website name is SG AppInv Store… So many People thought it’s my app Which really makes me Angry :angry:

you may give him straight and clear warning to remove or
this may be helpful

I have Given Him 2 Warnings Already Via Email

go here and click on flag icon and select report user

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under which category did you reported??

I have Taken Down His Video There is nothing i can do about his Channel

you can report the user too
anyways what is the link of his website
he shared short url in his descriptions which goes to google drive Terminate him

DMCA Cost a Lot and i think he made his app with Kodular. If Kodular can ban him it would be nice

:sweat_smile: sorry i didnt go that deep because the issue need urgent attention

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For that they should know his developer account name.

can be extracted from apk

Not with apps built with :kodular:


well his project serial is clear in video and staff can track him down :smiling_imp:

Whatever He did was not at all cool. My Extension is now downloaded 15 times from his app :disappointed: So is other’s extensions