Importing appinventor and finish app in kodular uploading to google does not work

Hi, I started my app in APP INVENTOR, and I had to finish it here in KODULAR because APP Inventor did not have the option to export APK bundle, a requirement to upload it to the play store. I do not understand why if my app is working properly without any problem Google keep on telling me that there are errors, I have used APK Studio Editor to sign it, but I got the same message from Google and I am trying to do the process of signing using Android Studio and there are several errors in the manifest.
Could somebody explain me please why is it.
I also strongly recommend to include the optimizing and signing process in your Kodular IDE so users can go directly from here to google play.

Do you also change package name in Kodular to correspond to your AI2 package name

First of all, thank you very much for your answer Boban,
There is only one package name on my manifest file my friend.

However it could be the possibility that i have exported the file from App Inventor with a name and since I have a new name for my project in kodular there could be a conflict.
Thanks I will check my App Inventor project tomorrow.

this was only a warning and still is not mandatory… you simply could have ignored that warning…