Importing spreadsheet data into Makeroid


I am really torn between using App Inventor, Thunkable or Makeroid at the moment.

What I am looking to do is build a simple app that opens a pre-defined link contained in a spreadsheet / database where each calendar data is matched with a URL. The spreadsheet / database would be updated probably every nine months.

How easy would it be to import Excel data into Makeroid? I am aware that the Thunkable / Cloudstitch combination has that famous “colon” issue.

How could I link spreadsheet data to Makeroid? Is there a cloud service one could use or would you advise storing data in the app itself?

There is of course also the possibility of Thunkable becoming a paid service at this moment. Will Makeroid always be free? Will it be possible to export aia-files out of Makeroid? Just trying to understand the pros and cons between Thunkable, App Inventor and Makeroid…

Which platform do you think will be the best for my project?



Hi @Rudy938,

It should be pretty straight forward to import Microsoft Excel’s data into Makeroid with the data in CSV format.

Using a cloud service or storing the data with-in the device itself depends on how sensitive your data might be. If you don’t have any sensitive data on the spreadsheet, then you can store the data on the device.

If you decide to store the data on the device, then you can store the spreadsheet somewhere online(Google Drive for example) and download it whenever the spreadsheet is updated. (You can implement a method to check for updates to the spreadsheet, not going into details on that )

Feel free to post any other questions that you might need clarification on.

How to use “get all rows” in spreadsheet?? please tell.

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how can i get ??

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