Impossible to update data in firebase

Good morning,
Here is my database under firebase.


I would like to be able to update the product data (for example FDJ100), in this block at initialization:


I determine the project path by getting the value from another screen.
Yet if I ask for the taglist, I get nothing. It’s as if the path didn’t exist.
I don’t have the tag list in label12 but i want to update the data no display.
If you have an idea because nothing works I really think that the problem comes from this data coming from my previous screen.

Use Do it to debug your blocks. What do you get as start value ?

Hi, I am finding the solution :

Because my start value come to a list.

Thank you

What about using list blocks then?


I retrieve the “EQM code” from data in list form.
In fact with Do it I noticed that my data had a space hence the split space. This causes the addition of parenthesis which I replace with nothing.

What happens if you use select list item list like that ?



It’s ok my solution is good

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