Improved Community Storage

Dear Koders at Community,

I have just enabled a new feature at our community
This new feature will make your uploaded files to AWS S3 Storage. You will now see that all images have a strange URL, which is our bucket URL

This improves in several ways the performance of community

  • First, it reduces a lot the storage needed on the VPS, which allows the software to run smoothly
  • Secondly, it improves loading time, as AWS network is one of the best one, which will make image loading faster
  • Thirdly, now you can upload bigger images and files to the community, as max file size has been significantly increased
  • And finally, it will protect your uploads in case of failure
    If something happens on the VPS, both uploads and data are safe, because uploads are stored in a S3 bucket, and database backups are also stored on a different bucket in a different region

I hope you will now enjoy more the community, improving your experience and enhancing its usage
Happy Koding :kodular:


P.S.: If you want to check it, just make right-click on this image and click on Open in a new tab
You will see the new URL for uploads, which will work as a CDN



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