In app billing component not showing monetization tray

Strangely in app billing component is not showing in one of my project it is showing in all the other projects i have posted the screenshot below.

I was implementing the in app billing feature in my app it was working in the test mode after uploading it on the playstore in alpha testing but after unchecking clicking on the purchase button nothing is showing not the purchase gateway and no error is showing so I tried the in app billing extension by @pavitra it is working fine in my app but using the extension the default app billing component started to give the error which was not showing before using the extension now the default app billing component just got disappared from component tray

Problem with in app billing extension by pavitra is that the after successfull payment the After purchase block is not triggered so what should I do the default app billing component is not working…

Could you show your blocks?

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You can follow the blocks here using in app billing component:

Before using the app billing component i have gone through the this guide removing the extension and reloading the page is bringing back the in app billing component back but problem is that the default in app billing component is not calling the payment method in the application

if you want i can add you in my alpha tester

use only one In App Billing component

did you upload your app into Google Play Alpha or Beta to test?


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yes i have uploaded my app in alpha testing…on clicking the purchase button using the default app billing extension nothing is showing no dialogue box nor any error then i tested the billing extension which is working fine in my application

try the built in billing component rather than the extension by @pavi2410
add the ErrorOccurred event to be able to view errors
also you can try the default product id, which is android.test.purchased
also you can try to replace the obfuscated block by a normal text block



okee…I will try

obfuscated block was causing the problem

thank you for letting us know…


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