In App Billing (IAB) Issue Proof with small AIA

Hi @earnfast49,

@cian hasn’t been on the community for months. Your inquiry won’t be answered unless someone downloaded it at the time of the reply or before Kodular changed storage services. I don’t think you’d like the AIA months after the issue occurred anyway.

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but i need help about the in app billing component

Hi . I suggest you to use the extension from @pavi2410

I could not download the small test, aia file, published here. Is it available yet to test IAB?
I’m working on my first app in kodular. Is this bug still up?
What is the solution for this issue?

Thanks in advance

is still have bug …? why kodular not fix it

why my kodular Aia file not open in other kodular acount… i have face this issue.aia file open in my kodular acount only.