In App billing issue: after purchase block is not working

Hi guys, Im trying to implement a system to make a currency inside my app, I tried to create some different amounts of “money” people can buy, but when I use after purchase block to know which amount the guest bought it doesn’t work… Is it a problem with companion, a bug in the block or the thing dont work like I tought?

I think it’s a #EagleBug

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Someone knows for sure?

mee too faced the same problem, Try using a clock to check whether the purchase is completed, but for me that doesn’t work.

Can you show how you did it?

i have only one item to sell , so i need to check the user purchased that product or not?but in your case its different right?

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thank you man

I am also facing same problem.
I think It was a Bug In Kodular Eagle. Because Before Kodular Eagle Update It Was Working Fine. But Now It Was Not Working

see this workaround


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