In App Billing linking to user

Hello, i’m thinking to add an in app billing feature (for example VIP status) in my game and i’m thinking how the purchase will be linked to the user who buys that status.

For example,

The user downloads the app, purchase the VIP status and then deletes the app.
When the user reinstall the app how i’ll give the VIP status to the player who bought it?

I have to have an account system to my game or it isn’t nessesery?

You can store all vip user emi id.then cheak that with newly install user

Use the LoadOwnedPurchases block, it returnes a list and check if the product name is in that list

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What is this id?

I searched the documentations but i found no information about that these lists are about:

  • owned Products
  • owned Subscriptions

Can you help me understand what those list return? Where those informations are stored?

If the product is a regular one-time purchase product:

If the product is a subscription:

Of course, instead of the setVIP block put your own blocks.


The owned Product/Subscritpion is stored under each user google account, by default, that download my app?

The device IMEI and the Google Account.

Do these blocks also work for subscriptions?
Is it necessary to upload the apk to internal test or beta version in google play, to test IAB?

I have tried to subscribe from my app, but I have not been successful, in Appybuilder it worked well for me, but in the migration to kodular I have encountered some small problems.

Yes, it is necessary.

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Hello @Mateja I had the same questions and I was about to create the question post on this please help me by answering it here.

I have used the TinyDB to set if the user buys subscribes to my app then the Ads are set off but I think this method it is not safe to a user because the user cab clear the catche and it app will demand him to buy again please can you show me which is the best method to set the blocks which can recognize the user etc.

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