In App Billing show error "application is not configured..."

Hello everybody, i need help for my project.
I’m trying to make a billing app and face the problem.
When i trigger purchase block with my product id in live test mode, nothing happen…don’t show purchase dialog or anything…then i tried test product id, it worked…
And then i export my project, try click on product and it show error in dialog purchase “This version of application is not configured for billing through google. Check the help center for more infomation”.
Plese help me, what must i do for now…:frowning:

Is this update available in Playstote…?

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i dont understand. What do you mean? please explain to me. Thanks

What he means is that have you made an update to your app on play store?


Ah…i see…yes. this is next update for my project…what happen with this?

Is this version available in play store…?

Yes. Current version available in play store. And i’m building next version with in app billing, but while building next version, i’m not change version code and build version…


upload your new version of the app into Google Play Alpha or Beta and test there

I have tried. And it work if download from play store but not work if install from package after export. So have any method to test without download from play store because in my project include advertisements…thanks so muchs !

yes exacly… to be able to test in app billing, you have to upload the app to Google Play

sorry; I do not understand, what you are saying

disable the ads while you are testing in app billing in Google Play Alpha or Beta


Thanks so much. My app have working… :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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