In app billing subscription block not working?

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PS: protip, doing a search in the forum helps…

I need just simple subscription example block. For free there is an ads and for premium no ads.

Since im the new one with programming and kodular so i dont understand well with this kind of block.20200208_222109

Thank you so much for your kindness

What type of error you get?

The block cannot be run.

Since im new. I confuse maybe the block code is not true. Can anyone give me just example for simple subscription block? Only for… subscribe for premium feature that remove the ads

Dont blame yourself, as my observation with this problem, if you use the the IAP component from kodular, and you give a try install an apk, if a bottom dialog navigation appears, its means blocks is working it just dont return an action becuase you need to upload it in Google Play Store, but if still no response when u click a buttom to call subscribe, even the bottom dialog navigation dont pop up, then its the IAP component problem. my recommendation is use the extension provided above in this topic…

Its long time since we experienced this issue of subscription and we wait to long to see if it fixed.
Is this problem fixed?