Kodular in app billing issue

I am using in ap billing for both subscription and purchase …
on screen1 in app billing 1chk if user subscribe or purcahsed then do nothing else load ads …
This function works good on screen1

But same procedure on screen2 and screen3 and screen4 and screen5 some time works and some time doesn’t work…

Please help i am tired :pleading_face:

I’ve used in-app billing in my app. and it worked very well in every single page and of course every time worked

What is your blocks ?
In my app subscription also not working :pleading_face:
And i told you some time screen doesn’t load ads but some time it’s again loading ads

You may see user already have in app purchased in screen1 but when he come to screen2 and run same procedure to check if user have in app purchase then some time it go false and some time true ??

Please check this guide and read the FAQ section as well. i hope you got your answer.

Is it compulsory to login in app with gmail to properly use in app billing system ?

I have created an app in which in screen1 in app purchase is working good but same blocks some.time doesn’t in screen2 and screen3.

Also in app purcahse is working in app but in app subscription doesn’t work … Help needed from pro kodera

Please stop creating new topics for the same problem

Dora_paz please guide if you can ?

What is going on here why there are two topics for one problem ??

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am… yes it is compulsory for the users to have a gmail (google) account in their device so that when the users make the payment, google can save their record. this is done so that the users can restore their payment the next time they install the app again.

you should search in community first.

@Mr_YouTuber_Official I advice you not to use free extensions for this payment as that may be having old library packages and they will not work and on the other hand the extension by @taifun is always upto date and also you will have support from the developer .


Yashk12 … my question was that is it compulsory to user get login in with gmail id in my app (in which i am using in app purchase) ?

@Jinx … dose @taifun billing extension is updated to library 3.0 ?

yes of course
see yourself here

protip: your answer was just a quick search away in the community …

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Got your answer @Mr_YouTuber_Official
Thanks to @Taifun for answering as said by me there is support and everything is up to date

@Mr_YouTuber_Official No