In app billing subscription block not working?

that solution uses version 1.0.39 of the Anjlab library, which results in a warning message after uploading the app into Google Play, because Google deprecates the Google Play Billing with AIDL end of December 2019.

My In App BIlling extension App Inventor Extensions: Billing | Pura Vida Apps already uses the in app billing library version 1.1, which fixes that.


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Let me contradict you

No warnings in my Play Console

Yep i dont see any error when i was upload my app to playstore. Maybe its uses newer liblary

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The subscribe blocks is not working after the builder update.. I never touch my blocks because of its working fine with the last version of the builder.


I try the same way by this topic..

Ps: I cant reply with this topic, so i have no option but to create anothe one

Show your blocks.

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I dont need to show my block because of my subs ID im protecting it. The images says it how i block it the same way, give it a try if its work to you

Are you Ali_Aydin?


nope im not

I asked because you posted the exact same blocks as he did in post 3.

He says that he is using the same method and blocks like the image


Oh ok.

He should still post his own blocks. There have been so many times when people say they are using the exact same blocks from another example or aia but it later turns out they have made a tiny error.

What have you done? Post your blocks.

see also

PS: protip, doing a search in the forum helps…

What type of error you get?

Dont blame yourself, as my observation with this problem, if you use the the IAP component from kodular, and you give a try install an apk, if a bottom dialog navigation appears, its means blocks is working it just dont return an action becuase you need to upload it in Google Play Store, but if still no response when u click a buttom to call subscribe, even the bottom dialog navigation dont pop up, then its the IAP component problem. my recommendation is use the extension provided above in this topic…

Its long time since we experienced this issue of subscription and we wait to long to see if it fixed.
Is this problem fixed?