In-App Billing [Subscription]

Hello, in my application, I want only subscribers to enter the vip room.

For this reason, I want to have 2 subscription systems
[weekly and monthly subscription ]


  1. When the user clicks on the weekly subscription button, the weekly subscription window opens.

  2. After the user makes the payment, the VIP login changes to open
    -Subscription purchase buttons are removed from the screen [until the subscription ends]

  3. When the user logs in to the application, his subscription is queried, if there is, vip login will be open, subscription buttons will be hidden

  • If there is no subscription, subscription buttons will be open, vip login will be closed

4-When the subscription period expires, vip login should be closed automatically.

Topic is Current

What have you tried so far?

  • I added a Play console subscription
    [Weekly and monthly subscription ID ]

  • Blocks

Owned Subscriptions is a list…
You should adjust your blocks accordingly. .

For example, can you share the block image for a 1-week subscription?

you can find my billing examples here, which are based on my billing extension…

This button is used after product purchase

PROBLEM: Which block should come for the subscription, for example after purchasing the subscription?

most probably the same event…
unfortunately the documentation is very sparse… protip: what about just trying it yourself?