In App Billing, Subscriptions - Firebase

Hey Koders,

I am curious about how others manage in app subscriptions with firebase.

My app is tiered. Different subscriptions allow for different consumptions. I am struggling with figuring out the best we to manage those consumption controlled subscriptions.

I have Firebase watching all consumption for all users, even if they do not subscribe.

Just asking an open question for discussion and sharing notes.


I don’t understand why you use Firebase for Subscriptions. I think Billing component and Google Play Console will do everything for you.

I need firebasem beacuse I have three things consumed as part of a subscription

I have to track them. Proudcts are consumed in in-app NOT subscriptions. So my subscription is Tier1, Tier2, Tier3, different monthly prices that get you different quantities of things. At the renewel of the subscription the counts renew, If they are all used, then they can buy individual products after, or upgrade their subscription