In App Billing tutorial links

Please tell me

how To use App billing
in my app

Please Help me:sleepy:cry::cry::cry::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:

Search on the community.
There are lots of tutorials.

please send me a link

It’s simple.

thanks dear

Why do users think this helps? I see it a lot. Is it age related?

when i press to buy then show error message something is wrong on our end
help please

it is my app product


This should also be green. If it is not you forgot something.

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thank you dear

but not working

if you can send me a youtube video?
about this

Never used it myself. I don’t use monetization in my apps.

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Try to search on YouTube about it by yourself.

I also want help regarding in app billing if anyone has video turotial then say

@Androking and @Unknowndeveloper
I hope this will help you

i watch the video

This doesnt help me properly


Since the update, the block for initializing the In App Billing module can no longer be used.
I don’t think it works for you either. Unfortunately I haven’t found out how to initialize the component yet.

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