In app Pdf Viewer that allows vertical scroll

I guys!! does any one have any idea, if there are actually pdf in app viewers, that allows vertical scroll. The one i got by deephost scrolls horizontally, please i need this. Thanks!


You can use Activity Starter with Web view to show pdf, check amazing Method by @Taifun Puravidaapps


i need something offline

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first method is offline, with activity starter

But we want to show pdf in my app not in external apps…

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Why not ask deephost to make it scroll vertically?

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You can use webview in your app and set there weblink to path of file, so it will open in app,

Deephost didnt reply anyone ever, not on youtube or even here, there is no support for users only there videos, not any single message or comment reply


It’s not working in offline

Make sure you have set path from mobile memory not from webiste

Can you give me blocks screenshot

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try this, with your file link, where your pdf is


My aim is to build an app that carries the pdf file i want. I don’t want to call any pdf file from my sd card

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then there is only one option left to use that extension because only that is getting from assets,

PDFTEXT.aia (1.5 MB)