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I have fully implement the in app purchase I want to ask if am doing the right thing. I got an error when trying to purchase. In my app I didn’t use the android.test.purchased I implimented the live purchase. So I want to know if am on the right path, I used companion to test and I got an error. My question is that Google play is going to approve the in app purchase before the error can be solved?

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Here is my block, is there anything am doing wrongly

The “name” is my productID

you can’t test this in the companion app
you have to build your project, upload it into Google Play Alpha or Beta and test there using another Google account (not your developer account)
see also the Q&A section here App Inventor Extensions: Billing | Pura Vida Apps


Alright, I understand now.
Today I checked my play console account, because I had already published the app in Alpha for testing. I got this message your application submitted on…date is live on play store, when I clicked on the 3dot menu to check on play store I got another message, the item you’re looking for can’t be found. Am confused.

@Taifun please I want to know if my blocks are correct.

Please help I have uploaded to play store for full production. In the designers view I disabled the test mode and suppressed notification. I also used my live productID.
My app became live on play store so I checked if live payment will be made but not what I was expecting I got a test payment, don’t know why. Here’s my screenshots. Also after purchase block didn’t work.

I haven’t used IAPs yet, so I’m not sure, but have you checked if there are any related settings in your merchant account?

I have checked but can’t find any.

If there’s nothing in Managed Products under the specific app… I’m sorry, I really don’t know more about IAPs.

Thank you very much, I now know the reason I just tried something and it worked. The reason why it was showing test purchase is because I was using the email that is linked to my developer account. So I decided to test on another person’s phone and it worked, real payment.

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I’m glad you got it working! Congratulations. :blush:

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Thank you for your interest I have gotten the solution to my problem.

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Thank you very much.

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My pleasure. :slight_smile:

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did you used an extension inapp purchase?

I’m confused, i am trying to integrate IAB in my project, I have the License Key and MerchantId but in the last updates of kodular, the block to start the IAB service with these keys no longer exists, so where should I put them?

I clarify that I am migrating from Appybuilder and I already had the IAB service working without problems.

I did some tests following various recommendations made in this community, my project is placed in Beta Version in Google Play, I did tests with users who are not registered as developers, but I did not get a response from IAB when making a real subscription.

A very important point is that, although there are several extensions like Taifun that are very good, I prefer not to use extensions.