In app update dialog is not showing

Now I trying still not showing I have version 4 apk with minimum api 21 and on play store have version 5 . On play store is showing update option. But when I open app many times in app update dialog is not showing.

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Blocks are good, there must be something else , i cant figure out what is that, lets see of some one have eyes this

Check package name and also be sure with version code and version name

Have you installed the in your phone from playstore or from an apk?
If you have installed via apk it will not work.

Why it will not work via apk I tested it with apk

Because it is not the authorised play store version.
Play store do not provide updates to app installed via apk.
You can check

hey bro do you remember our conversation about same topic where I don’t have play console account but I have tested it

With flipkart package name

Package name is good I double check version name.

I installed from play store

Please share aia and link of play store if you can

Now is showing thanks

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