In app update dialog is not showing

Hi recently I just add in app update function in my app. For checking is work or not I upload version 1 apk on play store then again I update version 2 my app on play store and in my phone have version 1 .
When I open app in app update dialog is not showing I check play store also is showing update available. But dialog is not showing.
Here my blocks.

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where are blocks?

When you update because playstore take some time to update

5 hour ago and my version 2 update already available on play store.

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i think this one is missing,


No because I used immediate update not flexible.

See this guide

i already readed Docs and other posts about this, and if this method is not working for you then try using flexible update, and also make sure that you allowed play store to update app automatically, its may also stop updating your app

Did you check package name

you was using on wifi only before and changed it now to any network, maybe it works now, check again

See this what he saying

I tried in both wifi and any network still not showing dialog I open many times app not showing I don’t know what happen

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did you set api level minimum to 21?


Share your app link

No I set minimum SDK (Min.Android Version)

I think that’s why dialog is not showing.

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also use this,



Thanks now I set minimum api 21 after hours I will tell u is showing or not.
Thanks again.

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welcome, check it i hope will work now,

I am Also facing Same Problem… Some Times Showing In app Update Dialog

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