Application Update

Im going to publish this application. Please have look for my update blocks i just want to insure.

Hmm that’s right but sometimes update component not work because i think it in development process (experimental) . Everything is fine publish your app

  1. You should not close application, instead you should close screen.
  2. I remembered that using In app update need to have at least API 29 (I think)
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No it works only with devices running Android 5.0 (API level 21) or higher.


Im sorry i forget this


You can check this guide!

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Dear Sunil,

I have made this extension which doesn’t need play store to update the apps.

Update My App - Extension - Useful to app builders to update their distributed apps

If you want, you can try this extension

what is flexible update ?
another query is :
After i put up the blocks , i enter the new version code and version name .
Is this all that i need to do ?
Afterwards ,This new apk can be uploaded to play store right ?