Today i update my app in play store, check inapp update in my app and itz not working please help

i implement inapp update im my app, just today i make an update, play store update y app sucessfully in 7 hr. . so i open my previous version app to get update but nothing happen…please help… i cant get any idea…

Show your blocks for updating your app, also see here:

Also do you install your app from google play?

Did You install From Kodular Server

If Yes Then it Won’t Work

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yes i use kodular component…for inapp update

What about:

And what about:

No I am Asking That YOU installed From Kodular Link

no i upload my app in playstore

And did you installed it from play store or using apk?

i instal it from playstore

Okay , and what about:

ok wait let me screen shot it

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Can You Show Me Your Blocks

Take care you need to use In - App - Update component in the event Initialized (In app Update component)

i saw this step in youtube

which block…install flexible update??

Yes That one

So the update won’t be installed :thinking:

and immediate update block

As per this Every thing look ok