In app update kodular

I have seen that in some applications the user can be told to update, even Kodular Companion does it, can you tell me how to do it? I am using in app update exprimental block


Hi, don’t use Screen. Initialise block for this.

In the In App update component → there is a In App update . Initialise event use that instead.

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How do I get these blocks? Is it an extension? I don’t see them in my Creator.

Go to Experimental components on the left section of the Designer → Drag and Drop the In App Update component to the designer from there.



I don’t have an “experimental” section on my components browser. Maybe it’s because i’m on a free account.

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Please click here and view the 2nd option in General.

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Yeah exactly!

Thank you @willman and @fatzak100 for the help!

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With pleasure, that’s why we are here to help each other.

using start immediate update you get the result same as the first image

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