In-app update not working

I’m trying to implement in-app update in my app but it isn’t showing when there’s an update… I’ve set the api requirement to 5.1 (API 22), the same package of my app (it’s on Play Store) and followed @ravigarg guide.

Can anyone help me?

Do you have multiple accounts? If so, you should ask a mod to delete all but the one you want to use.

I ask this because there is a similar question asked here at around the same time as you created this topic.

no i haven’t

Oh, ok. Sorry about that. It just seemed strange there are two questions posted at the same time about the same thing.

same problem

U have to wait minimal 24 hours when update gets to inapp update there is some delay in this…

you cant update app while it is open.

why not? I tested it and updated when app was open

Ah ok thanks

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noo problem. :sweat_smile: