In-app Update tutorial

Firstly we can choose between two kinds of updates …
Immediate and Flexible
This update means we can not use our app while updating.
We can use our app while updating.
Also our app is updating from Google Play store - That means we can have some delay when we get the update from it (i got 24 hours delay).
And you must change minimal SDK version to 5.0

  1. add In-app Update component (in experimental)

    As you can see u dont have to do nothing with settings… so move to the Blocks
  2. There we have all blocks for inapp update component
  3. I added button which we will check updates (from Goggle Play store)
  4. When we choose between two kinds of updates we must check the update first…

    So when we click on the button we check the update from Google play… and if is available we download our update… and after download we install update too…
    Also if is not available we can show message Ex.
    I added Snackbar
    Then if is not update available then we show the message
    Second one is easier… just put in the Start immediate update

That should be all hope i helped Good luck!


Old Version Sdk Not Working with I app review

App update is more important than app review.
You can send notification from one signal asking users to rate your app. But you need app update feature because update % needs to be higher.

I Am Using In App Review & In App Update Extension To Work Properly, My App On Play Store On 1 st search ok kodular in app update old version sdk not working with in app update

Could not understand anything

Try To understand

They are not going to work together. There is some issue. Extension developer has mentioned it.
That is why I’m suggesting you to use in app update because it is more useful and use one signal notification for review.

I am already using One Signal

I am trying to understand why the In-App Update is not working. Here is my code:

Thank you in advance for your help

Try add else statement and put in else notifier which will tell you if is update available or you have to wait some time to get update because of delay

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I will try that! Thank you

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