In Kodular, How to make TTS pause some seconds?

Hi, I get many good tips here from you. Thank you.

I have some question. It’s about TTS.
I inserted TTS componet in my app. It’s a flash card app.

Front of card is word.
Back of card is its meaning and some example sentences.
I want to make tts pause between meaning and respective sentence.

Is there any way to solve this problem. I tried to find any discussion here but found nothing.

Please give me some tips to solve this problem in Kodular. Thanks in advance.

There isn’t a pause event , so you can not pause and resume but maybe you can use a clock component and create a list with words and sentences like this.

Clock interval is set to 1000ms with this procedure your hear first item in list, pause for a second, then hear second item … etc

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Thanks, dora_paz.
Clock component is a good idea, I think.

In order to apply your idea to my project, I may have to reorganize my databsase.

faced with this issue, I think that app and database should be designed more deliberately.
I’ll try it. Thanks.

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