InApp Review Extension

You should not use PlayCore library related components like InAppUpdate until Kodular updates the library to version 1.8.0+.

I tried to use it on screen2 - where my custom webview is called along with firebase authenticator and other components

I am using Call in-app review function at Screen2 initialize directly

Somehow its not working, am i doing it correctly?

Update This Extension Not Working On Fenix

The error says that some method was not found.
The method exists in the latest version of the PlayCore library.
Kodular is still using the older version of the PlayCore library.
If you use PlayCore library related components like InAppUpdate, when compiling app, the PlayCore library provided by Kodular is getting compiled instead of that provided in the extension.
So the extension will use the older version of the library.
The extension is trying to call some method that doesn’t exist in the older version of the PlayCore library.
InAppReview was introduced in version 1.8.0+ of the PlayCore library.

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How to fix this

  1. Wait until Kodular updates the PlayCore library
  2. Don’t use PlayCore library related components like InAppUpdate
  1. Or use Rush to build the extension!

When you build your extension with Rush, all of your extension’s dependencies get repackaged. This prevents the collision of libraries between the builder and extension, making it possible to use the newer versions of libraries that are already being used by the builder’s components.

Read more about Rush here:


its works ok here.
i put a (IF IS IN COMPANION) to dont call the REVIEW to avoid crashing when testing.
after published my project, all works ok.
Thanks @sonumohammad333 for this amazing extension.

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Really amazing. Thanks so much! :grinning:
I just want to ask is there a way to check if a user has already been asked a review, now I have already made blocks to do that, but I mean in the case where a user installs and uninstalls the app etc. in a very short amount of time, in order to comply with the quotas. Otherwise still really great :+1:

You can use tinydb if possible.

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True, I’m looking into using the web version. Thanks :+1:

Thanks for this great extension. Dear @sonumohammad333 are you considering to use this method so some will overcome this playcore library issue? Is it difficult I dont know but If you can do this everybody will appreciate your efforts. Thanks in advance mate.

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You can use tinydb for that

Google Play doesn’t let you know that

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I am not using Kodular for so long and not making extensions.
The extension is open-source, anyone can compile the extension with Rush.

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not work for me.

hi it’s working very nice but if the user already review the app i don’t want to show the extension for him again

If the user reviews the app then store a value in TinyDB. If that value us present then don’t ask them to review it again.

For example:

You ask the user to submit a review.

If they submit the review store “1” in a TinyDB tag “Reviewed”.

Next time check “If Reviewed = 0 Then ask user to submit review”.

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Can you check please

Seems too complicated.

I would just do:

If TinyDB tag “review” = 0 Then Request Review

In the OnCompleteListener you can store “Ok” in TinyDB review

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Hello !
Nice extension !!!
Very usefull but I am asking some questions :

  • How can I start the review respecting quotas ? could not be call by an api from google sending the start of the in app review ?
  • is it possible to check if users had already send a review ? perhaps they have complete that before or directly in app store

and last question, Just before, I can see blocks but I have not the same with AIX file (post 47). I have only them :

Regards !