InApp Review Extension

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Extension released

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What is the benifit of this extension ?

User can submit app review without going to Play Store.
See image in the first post.


nice work i will test as soon as i get time

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nice but extension size so big please try to reduce size

The size increased because of the library.
Playcore library by Google.
I will check in future if I can reduce the size by deleting unwanted file or folders in jar (library).

I will test it on this Saturday because of my exam

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Good work :+1:

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Good job :+1:

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Thanks for your contribution

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What !!! You make this for everyone :relaxed: thank you !!! I am going to use this extension now !! :joy:

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This extension is in testing stage. Only use it for test purposes. Not sure if it works or not.
Please reply if anyone tested it.

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It not working show this error

I am hiding my app package name and I tested this in my app which is published in play store I got this error in complied apk I didn’t test this in kodular companion app


I tested it in companion (because the comanion was installed from play store)
Got the same error in companion.

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@Maxtern How did you test? Using internal test track?

I have Three beta apps in playstore

I will test it on Sat

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No I didn’t app that app in play store I was working on my app update so I try in update APK but not published that APK because it show error

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Also import the second extension.
The extension does not contain any blocks.
Just import it. (do not forget dragging it to screen)
It will help in editing Manifest file.

Testing this in the Companion will not work, you cannot dynamically change the manifest.

Yes, you should install compiled app.
In this case, you have to install from play store.