InApp Review Extension

I installed apk. (with both extensions)
The review dialog is not being shown.
But Finished event is triggering.
Not sure if it works when installed from Play Store.

Well, is your app on the Play Store?

No, because

Did anyone tested it with both extensions?

Shows error (Not published this Apk in playstore)


If you have not published the apk then why you are trying to rate it


Please share .aia

Aia Shared in Pm @sonumohammad333

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Older version is published

Not sure why it is not working.
My aia is working. upload this app on Play Store and test.

InAppReview.aia (429.0 KB)
InAppReview.apk (5.4 MB)

Within this Sunday I will publishing my app with this Extension

Nice Extension Thanks For Your Contribution

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Did anyone installed this apk?
Is it working for you?

This APK is not working :pensive: when I press on button 1 and button text changed to finished text and nothing happened

Yes, There is no error now.

When installed from Play Store, it may work.

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Tommorow I will publish my Radio App with you extension on Beta Track

I will inform you when it is published


I will test it on my battery info app.
I will dm my results to you @sonumohammad333

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Today It will be published

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If possible, please share Play Store link.

I have Merged your extension with my app within today I will give the link

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