InApp Review Extension

I have Merged your extension with my app within today I will give the link

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Its working.

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I will release the extension soon.
I will make it a single extension, by merging ManifestCode extension.


Can’t wait for releasing :sweat_smile::sweat_smile: because this is a thing that I was waiting from 2-3 months get it you make this possible you are great :relaxed:


Extension released.



InAppReview is an extension that helps in asking the user to review your app without leaving the app.


component_method (12)
Ask the user to review the app.

component_event (5)
The flow has finished. The event does not indicate whether the user reviewed or not, or even whether the review dialog was shown. Thus, no matter the result, we continue our app flow.

component_event (6)
An Error Occurred.

Work Flow


Thank you @Sashibhusan_Coder for testing the extension.


com.sonu.InAppReview.aix (427.1 KB)

Open Source

Source Code (199.0 KB)

InAppReview API Guide

Extension Icon - Image Credit
Star - Free signs icons

I recommend you to read In-App Review API overview.


great extension!!


Thank you for make it free. Great extension :tada:

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Nice Extension @sonumohammad333

Btw, is it fully tested, can i use it my apps without any issue ?

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It is tested. You will not get any issues.
Also, Check Quotas


Thanks for making it free.
Now i can implement it on my every project. :blush:

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Very nice and useful extension:star_struck:

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I tried to put it in my app which is present on Google Play but this error appears.
Could it be because to test it I installed it from apk?

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thank you … very much

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@Backstage1844 Please pm me aia.

In coming 2-3 days I will use this extension 100% thank so much :pleading_face: :heart:you are great with beautiful heart because you made this for everyone :hugs:

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not working. A window opens and closes immediately (i update my app from play console)

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Publish your app in Beta testing or Internal testing

everyone Note : Do not test this app in apk because if it is not published yet then how you can ask for review so better use this app when it is on play store and then if any bugs occur then tell @sonumohammad333

Same issue here also