InApp Review Extension

its works ok here.
i put a (IF IS IN COMPANION) to dont call the REVIEW to avoid crashing when testing.
after published my project, all works ok.
Thanks @sonumohammad333 for this amazing extension.

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Really amazing. Thanks so much! :grinning:
I just want to ask is there a way to check if a user has already been asked a review, now I have already made blocks to do that, but I mean in the case where a user installs and uninstalls the app etc. in a very short amount of time, in order to comply with the quotas. Otherwise still really great :+1:

You can use tinydb if possible.

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True, I’m looking into using the web version. Thanks :+1:

Thanks for this great extension. Dear @sonumohammad333 are you considering to use this method so some will overcome this playcore library issue? Is it difficult I dont know but If you can do this everybody will appreciate your efforts. Thanks in advance mate.

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You can use tinydb for that

Google Play doesn’t let you know that

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I am not using Kodular for so long and not making extensions.
The extension is open-source, anyone can compile the extension with Rush.

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not work for me.

hi it’s working very nice but if the user already review the app i don’t want to show the extension for him again

If the user reviews the app then store a value in TinyDB. If that value us present then don’t ask them to review it again.

For example:

You ask the user to submit a review.

If they submit the review store “1” in a TinyDB tag “Reviewed”.

Next time check “If Reviewed = 0 Then ask user to submit review”.

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Can you check please

Seems too complicated.

I would just do:

If TinyDB tag “review” = 0 Then Request Review

In the OnCompleteListener you can store “Ok” in TinyDB review

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Hello !
Nice extension !!!
Very usefull but I am asking some questions :

  • How can I start the review respecting quotas ? could not be call by an api from google sending the start of the in app review ?
  • is it possible to check if users had already send a review ? perhaps they have complete that before or directly in app store

and last question, Just before, I can see blocks but I have not the same with AIX file (post 47). I have only them :

Regards !