Incorrect display of links WebView with Circular Progress

There are four buttons in the side menu. Each button leads to a specific page of the WebView component. When I click on the button, Circular Progress is loaded and the previous page is displayed first and only then the one that is addressed to this button. I assume that the matter is in Circular Progress, since without it everything is displayed correctly. I can not find a solution to the problem. Help, experts!

Use Side Menu Component Then Try This:

blocks (2)

Yes, that would certainly work, but I have Vertical Aggregation as a side menu and all the buttons in it

Then instead of -

Try using this -
blocks (2)

In this case, Circular Progress is no longer displayed. Alas, this is not a solution to the problem :задумчивый:

Because you have a good internet connection, URL loads very quickly. So no spining progress.

check this-
blocks (1)
blocks (2)

Set clock time as much as you want.

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Thank you for your time! The latter option also does not work as you would like. The only solution I see is to create additional screens and switch to them.