Indigo Browser V2 - Need Some Help in Testing

Appybuilder is Closing and as migrating was not a comfortable option so I dicided to make my app - (Panther Browser) from scratch on Kodular.
So I created a new Browser Named Indigo Browser with the same theme. (For saving some time I used TechCVR’s opensource browser Project as a base. Thanks TechCVR)
I got to know from some users that app is throwing error. Please test the app and help me remove them all.



Cursor is not visible while entering site… It’s little bit odd…
need little work on ui…

Rest your app is awesome…

Are you having NightMode enable in your Device (as a whole) bcz nightmode turns cursor colour to white and it gets invisible infront of white box

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Good App. Nice Ui.

Some suggestions:

  1. Add a space at left side of lock icon.
  2. Bottom bar icon colour is faint in dark background, make icons light or change background. Icons should be clearly visible. White icon will be great.
  3. In top text box, when entering text first letter is small. Use text box tools extension to capitalise first letter of sentence.
  4. When came back from a page, when web viewer cant go back then app is closing. Don’t close it, come back to home screen or ask for exit notifier.

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Thank you very much for taking your time and giving valuable suggestions.
I will try to follow your remarks in new update. :innocent:


Good Work!!! Keep it Up!!

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Aap se hi seekha hai

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How from me?? :thinking: :thinking:

sometimes it crashes, when I press go back webview button. And when added tab why should again click on browser icons?? Make it a one button

How will you optimize battery when the user clicked on battery button??

I did not understand ??

Didn’t found a way till now. Will replace it with battery saver mode which will decrease the brightness

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Update : Version 2

Whats New ?

  1. 2 New themes added with a theme option
  2. Bugs fixed as suggested by @The_K_Studio
  3. New Quick Link Tab



How’s the UI

  • Great
  • Average
  • Can be Awesome but need Improvement
  • Ugly

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are you using web view or custom web view?

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Why is your post hidden?

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I dont know. @vknow360
I just said :unamused: Lazy person

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Is asking for aia file is really necessary?
The author has not posted it so you should understand that he does not want to share it.
So you deserve a flag.


Why do you think he want to give you and everyone aia file? Although some of you will use it for learning, some people only want to earn money.

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