InfiniPager - Infinite ViewPager Demo

I’m back with yet another demo that pushes a specific component to its limits - the ViewPager. How many times have you had to add dozens of identical layouts, and then struggle with optimization? We all know that having too many components visible on screen at a given time can cause issues, especially with memory consumption. Moreover, even if you dynamically went on adding arrangements and removing old ones, you lose the ability to scroll back.

To address all these issues, and create a sustainable solution for infinite scrolling in the ViewPager in both directions, I have created InfiniPager - a vanilla Kodular snippet that will hopefully prove to be useful for others. It is first and foremost a demonstration of the infinite capabilities of vanilla Kodular. :wink:

InfiniPager R1 AIA
InfiniPager R1 APK


If you do have any questions or comments, do let me know. Feedback is highly appreciated. The blocks are heavily commented to help anyone trying to understand what everything is, and how to use it. :smile:


Thank you so much, one of my apps will make very good use of this! Keep up the good work

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Great Work :partying_face:

What’s that ?

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Kodular without any extensions.


I’d love to see the end product once you’re done! It’s great to see how people utilise my demos and templates. :smile:


For now the app is like this:

As you can see your demo can and will make the app smother! Thank you

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