Infinity Cube Calculator ! (free app)

Hi all ! I present to you my first application validated by the Play Store ! Thanks to the Kodular team :slight_smile:

It is an application that can be useful for DIY enthusiasts, because it allows to calculate the dimensions of the parts for the manufacture of a structure (wood or metal).

I let you discover, if you wish, and do not hesitate to share your opinions with me ! Thanks everyone !

Google Play link :

Nice work… Congrats for that :clap::clap::clap:

But whenever you post in our community, Pls post with multiple screenshots, it will create interest on your app to download and try to use.

It won’t be not looking good with only one screenshot and playstore link…

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Thanks for your advice ! I take note. Afterwards, this application does not have many options, only one screen ^^ but for the next ones, I will do more capture, see short demonstration videos.

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