Inject cookies into the web component

I saw a way to inject cookies into the web component and it worked but for a limited time that when an hour has passed the user has to log in again is there a way to make the time longer than that?

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Please, where can I put this code in order to get the result of increasing the time? Is there a specific block for that? Can you give me an example?
Thank you for your help

Please is there a solution to my problem?
I found a way in the community on how to inject cookies into the web component but when it’s been more than 1 hour I need to login again Is there a way to increase the time to keep cookies for more than an hour?
Please Help
Note: this Note: This is a picture of the method I found here in the community and it was tried. It only worked for an hour

Probably @sonumohammad333 has an idea?

PS: btw it helps to add a link to the thread, where you found the snippet…

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Yes you are right my friend @Taifun It’s by mistake I forgot to mention the name of the owner of the discussion in which the method was found.
Is it possible to make the application keep the login process longer than 1 hour and make sure that the site does not use cookies?
Thank you @Taifun for replying

Cookies are set by the server (webpage you are visiting), and managed by your client (also known as your browser). The next time when you are connecting to a server, the client sends the already saved cookies to the server, and it is up to the server to what to do with that cookies.

You can get cookies and store it in somewhere else and use for later, however as I said, it is still up to the server, and the server already knows the cookie sent to you was valid for 1 hour and now is invalid, so it won’t make sense if you send after 1 hour. The server can always choose to not accept cookies sent by the client.

There is a way to inject cookies to make the web viewer in my app remember the login process for more than 1 hour This is what I’m looking for because the server doesn’t provide this thing it depends on the token And not on cookies

Thanks for your reply

Even you store the credentials for more than one hour, it is still up to the server to accept/reject your login and require credentials again.

What is the solution for the user to have a login for more than one hour?

Re-login. You can’t keep using the same credentials forever, unless you connect with a constant API key or something.

@yusufcihan Is there a way to auto-fill login credentials in web viewer like in chrome browser?


@Taifun Can I contact you please