Insert images in textbox

Hello Koders! :smile:
I want to ask if there’s a way (even if it’s complicated) to insert images or GIFs from keyboard inside textbox, like in Gboard there’s something called Emoji Kitchen where you can mix two emojis into one and it’s returned as image but the textbox must support images insertion, is there a way to make such a textbox in Kodular or if someone can make an extension for us that make this possible, just an event that returns that image or GIF link which you inserted with the keyboard :grin:
Hope you understand what i mean! :blush:
Thanks :heart:

the textbox extension offers a method to set the background image of a textbox… but probably you are looking for something different?


@Taifun Yeah i’m looking for something different, here’s a video of an example in Instagram, you click on the image or GIF then the app gets its link and send it as picture with that link, we just need an extension to provide that link to the app and make possible to insert images in textbox somehow, anything else can be done without extension we just need the link

Thanks :heart: