Inspect live webpage

is there any way to inspect webpage live?
I’m trying to fetch number of items from the cart. it shows on the page. I know there is a way to view page script and copy code. but it doesn’t give data after adding the item. it’ll give the code for first time visitor without any cookie. I don’t know much about html. please someone help me with this.

ps - I searched on the community for this there are some topics but not exactly this type of problem.

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check out this block … maybe it helps

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Ok I’ll try this block.

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Hey, I tried but could not get that. Would you care to try it for me? and share block images? I’d be grateful to you.

after page loads … then use the 5 second timer to run a Javascript evaluation ( get id/class) …

*you must know the id / class “html element”

hey @Quicky_Superglad , i tried to do that but i don’t have much knowledge about javascripts. can you give it a try. whenever you’re free the website is and i need to know how many items are there in the cart. also when they change.
I know its not right to ask you to do it. You can show me how to do it i’ll do it myself

okay … please wait … because I’m working on my project

Sure, I’ll be looking forward to it

hey @Quicky_Superglad I got it
did what you said and typed this script in evaluate socket

thank you so much for your help and guidance


You’re welcome :grinning:

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