Insta Story Saver App not working

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I am working on a project from last 2 to 3 weeks and its comes to end.

But At ends I Got Stuck and trying to fix that issue from last 3 days but Couldn’t succeed

& I also searched for the solution on the community but didn’t Got.

Please Try To Help At Once

I Am Working Insta Story Saver App And I Got All the Data required for it perfectly. With the

help of RapidApi.

But Now here the problem comes.

I Am Succeed To show the Stories Images in Dynamic Listview Perfectly

And Also

I Am Succeed To show the Stories Videos in Dynamic Listview Perfectly.

But The Main Problem Is Now ,

I am Not Able To Show The Stories Images & Stories Videos Data Together In Dynamic

Listview. ( I also tried various method or logic to do this but Everytime I Loose )

Here Is The Blocks For Getting Data :

Global Thumbnail : To Show Videos Thumbnailresent If Exists or Present

Global Stories Images Url : To Show Images Url of stories if Exists And Also Show Video Url If Exists Or Present

Here What I Am Trying To Do :

But Couldn’t Succeed To Show n List View If Data Contain Both Images as well as Videos

I Am Not Getting The Any Idea Or Logic How To Do That ??

Here Data Receive Response :

Please Help Someone I will be very thankful Thanks In Advance.

Did you set the blocks as per your word?
Where is the not here :thinking::thinking::thinking:
And you no need to use again the same if condition, just add the second procedure along with first one. It will work. Pls try now

Problem with your if else condition. I hope your logic seems to app to get confused.

Or you can use them as separately.

First Of Thanks For Quick Reply ,


I used In First Conditon

If Global Thumbnail Is Empty = true i.e.( It Means If There is No Video Found )

Then Load Only Global Stories Images Using Procedure


In Second Condition

If Not Global Thumbnail Is Empty = true i.e.( It Means There Is A Video Found )


If Not Global Stories Images Url Is Empty = true i.e.( It Means There is A Video Url Present Or Stories Images Url Present )

I Am Storing Stories Images Url & Stories Video Url Both In Global Stories Url.

Did you debug the blocks? Got any result?

In such case you can use if else inside another if else. However image url must not be empty as per the above blocks

So if not is empty image url
Then its procedure & if not is empty video urlthen its procedure. So logic could be more convenient for the app to read i think

Thanks , But Both Condition Working Perfectly .

The Problem Is That How Can I Show Both In List View If Data Contain Both Images as
well as Videos

Thanks In Advance

Ok . Then add two variables. If first case got result set global variable A to 1 and B to 0

If second condition got result set global variable A to zero and B to 1.

During dynamic card formation check which one got 1 and as per the result try to fix

Plzzz Can you show me in block formation Plzzz

I am not in the system. So… Is the above block for dynamic component formation? Can you show more, there by i can suggest

Yaa Using Dynamic Component Extension .

You are getting media type in label component, so you will get it as text only. You cannot display video or image in label component

Sorry I got it…

Why you are unable to show mean, you have designed any one only to show (either image url or video url)
If you want to show both , in the main block itself you need to adjust…

See closely your block. You designed to display either which is triggers first (image or video)let it to show.

To get suucceed, just try the method what I suggest you earlier.

If image url is not empty add mage url alone in media type,
If image and video url is not empty add both image and video url in media type by using join block. With \n

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Thanks For Giving Me your Precious Time & Helping Me,

But I Am Not Getting Whats will be the Next Step after adding image & video url to media type ??

Can You Please Show Me In Block Formation ??

Earlier if you got video link or image link and how it look like the same it will look a like. If possible try to apply as said in the above. If not kindly share your screen in pm so I no need to create from the beginning

Okay A Big Thanks I Am Ready to share screen :relaxed: