Instamojo Payment Gateway Extension [Paid]

Instamojo Payment Gateway Extension

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There Are 2 Type Of Purchasing Option :-

2. 6month Subscription @Rs 110/-

3. One-Time @RS 250/-

Why This Extension Contain Subscription Based?

Because We Have To Pay For Cloud Hosting[Lite Speed Server], So In Order To Run The Server and Make This Extension Available To You All, Without Losing Speed With No Limitation So, You Can Implement With fully Satisfaction, So Added Subscription

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Hey @Androking
Nice extension. As i can see this also done via script on hosting and using get/post request method.

Those who wish to deploy it on thier own hosting and use it through web component can go through the guide i published some days ago :

For those who think time is more important than money. @Androking has saved your time :grinning:

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Hey There, It’s Not Only Saving Your Time But Also Money, How? Have A Look,
if you host yourself, you’ll need a domain and good hosting( if you have so much user) like a dedicated server, to make work more easy we using our own hosting which we pay for Cloud hosting Based Lite Speed Server also with the more easy method and providing at less amount which saves so much money for individuals

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Indeed friend, i also use lightspeed servers and i have given a multivendor script url for free as well in my post. People can use it.

Thought this is something very useful, am sure people will love it !!


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do you use dedicated cloud server hosting?

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I do for other stuff, for the gateway, the hosting used has 2 gb ram, unlimited bandwidth and is mostly not down. Enough to host payment gateway, am sure :grinning:

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