Instant - Download Instagram photos and video [ALPHA]

What is the name of your app?

Instant ( I will change it in future )

Describe your app:

Download videos and images from public Instagram profiles!
Easily copy tags and description!

Want to download photos or videos from Instagram? Now you can!
Just open the Instant app and paste the photo/video link and click the download button.
Very simple, right?

Ever wanted to download a person’s profile picture?
Enter the nickname of this profile and easily download the photo in HD version!


Download link:


i already created this type of app . Add more feature like hashtags, captions etc.
by the way nice ui


The app will crash if the user try to download from a url with more than one photo/ video . Example Juliana Bonde do Forró on Instagram: “Boa noite amores Se render mil comentários aqui vou postar a continuação nos stories meia noite!”

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I’m gonna try to fix it! Stay tuned !
Thanks for the report :smiley:

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I will.
And apart from that, the app is very very nice. Congrats

I have a project just like yours but I still have no idea on how to download the meida:sweat_smile:

But it is very nice to see apps like your, I convince myself that it someone else could I can too.

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New version 1.5!

Check Aptoide for the newer version of Instant!


  • New changes on first screen.
  • Added an hashtag generator!
  • If you long-press on the hashtag button there’s a new generator [WIP]
  • Now it’s possible to download CardVideo/Photos


  • On CardPhotos/Video the username and description are broken but it’s still posible to download it!
  • Some comments are only shown
  • Only 12 profile pictures are shown
  • It is not possible to download videos from the search profiles page

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Version 1.6 / 1.7 OUT NOW!

General bug fixes

are you create this app in kodular.

i need instagram and fb video downloader app . if you are create in kodulare so reaply me.

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Ya i can. fb & Insta both.

you have any demo.

Demo wait I will send you…hashtags.apk (8.3 MB)