Instant filter on ListView Image and Text

Hi Everyone,
How could I create an instant filter for my listview image and text? From w/c I only prefer showing only items that contain the name of the BORROWER. Sharing you guiz the AIA project.

INVENTORY.aia (520.6 KB)

Please explain your problem in detail. How do you want to filter

Example blocks on ColinTree Listview…



Cant apply this. I prefer using the default listview image and text.

We’re having two variable on above blocks. One is named main_list (Global variable) and other one is named search_list (Local variable). main_list is the list that will be visible on screen initialise (all list items). And the search_list will be visible according to search keyword. It’s simple.

Thats pretty much easy using Colintree. But what i am using this time, i only prefer using the dafault Listview Image and text of the Kodular.