Instrução SQLite

Estou tentando chamar o ultimo registro de uma determinada tabela usando “Select id from table where id = (Select Max(id) from table” … mas, ele apenas me retorna “False”.

Minha dúvida é. O SQLite aceita esse tipo de chamada?

English would yield better results. I think I understood what you asked. This is a proper SQLite command for that last record in a table.


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Você teria como me ajudar ? Estou com problema ao utilizar sqlite, list e listview, aparece erro de argumentos.

Hi Raphael,

Just to inform you about the rules of this forum… all messages must be in English, ok? I’m brazilian like you and in order to try to help you, I’d ask you about what you have done, show your blocks, show the error message, etc.


I’m trying to add a list of items that are the result of a select via SQLite, but an invalid arguments error appears. Have you tried using the shape of the image below? Below are two images, one of the code blocks and another with the designer.
I need to do it this way because I want to define what will appear inside the ‘listview’ for future modifications. For example, if I do a ‘select’ and return me 3 columns name, type and quantity, but I want the list to include only name and quantity.

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Imgur: The magic of the Internet

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This apk is not working!