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Guys, good afternoon. I really need to create a link shortener already inside the app, but I couldn’t get that information here in the community. There are even some, but they didn’t make the “aia” available to me. Does anyone already have an aia project with this link shortener? Thanks!

hello, you can hire a professional app developers for your app

Search for a RESTful API, which provides that service and access it using the web component


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Thank you my friend!

Your comment is inelegant and unnecessary. Here is a mutual help community for Kodular developers. I wish you a day of peace and without hatred in your heart!

Hello, in case you wish to use an existing service, you could use the api using the web component.

Site :

Community Discussion :

In case you wish to do that on your own domain (like you can browse github for various scripts that help you do so)

Link : Search · url shortner · GitHub

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