Integration with Barcode

I created a webview in kodular calling my php application.

I have in Android installed the barcode scan application, and in my application I have a button that calls the url App Installation

Running my php application in the android browser works. But when I convert apk to kodular it does not find the app when the button calls the url.

How should I do it?

You can create your own barcode/qr code and integrate it in your app, it’s super easy you can find tutorials on the community
It’s just that simple :
Call barcode scanner do scan
After scan completed


Still don’t got your answer, feel free to mention it…

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But I did not want to use that of kodular, because I would have to take every rule out of my statement.

Does the barcode not run in the background?

You may select “External scanner” option from kodular’s scanner component properties and check f it works,

Well apps made with any AI platform do not have capability to run in background