Intelligent scroll in a list

Hello, I want to know if an extension exist to create a smart list with categories and content. While scrolling down, the category of the displayed content stays visible until the next category is displayed. I hope you know what it is, I I’m pratically sure to have seen this behaviour in an app…

If a such extension doesn’t exist then is it possible to code it with blocks ?

You can use the event by this extension when scroll up or scroll down then you can use your own logic to filter the data as you want
And if you want to create your listview you should use dynamic components extension

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The user want completely different thing and it’s not related to filtering data. So the extensions quoted by you may not prove useful. But let @Stefun clear more about it

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I have changed it, hope this is what the user wants

So the previous category should not be visible after the user scrolled to the next category?

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Its very simple… But first of all clear it which database are u using
Actually as far as i know in All App inventor platforms while scrolling we can’t detect that which type of data is in lists at a specific card view or list item… We have to click to get an idea of this… so simply u cannot create a list that changes data and category while scrolling
U have to use vertical scroll handler extension that is mentioned above by @Soham_Shah

Then u can use when bottom reach event to change your categories
And for this u can try following
Load a data for a specific category and show in list
When the list reaches its bottom then load data for other category and change the category name
And continue this

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Why can’t he? It’s possible using dynamic compoents extension, he just has to hide data which is not needed as the category changes

This I already mentioned

You misunderstood. What @Zia_Choudhary means is you can’t simply detect where the user scrolled to without an extension.
And you can use the default ListView with the ColinTree Vertical Handler which you have suggested.

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When displaying list for first time, the first category is displayed with all content. Then when scrolling down and seeing next category, the first category collapse and then the content of second category expands.
This behaviour is used to avzid clicking on category to expand/collapse and allow to always see the category name while scrolling from a big list :wink:

EDIT : I have found an example :
Android ListView Sticky Header :slight_smile:

Did you find your solution?

@Stefun i have creatyed a smart list as you wanted to u can read guides here

I’havent found something that work like in the video…
However, I think this kind of component (or extension) would be very appreciated… it is very smart behaviour, isn’t it ?