Interesting bug or error

Hello. I have an interesting bug.
I have a small project. It works fine, but when I add elements which are in the screenshot. It doesn’t work and shows error

Kawa compile time: 7.186 seconds
________Invoking DX
YAIL compiler - DX execution failed.

What could be the problem ?

And again when I remove this part it compiles fine :eyes:

I thought the problem was with the names of the elements. and tried to change them. but nothing has changed…

Your screenshot shows errors and warnings. Fix those then try to compile the app.

When I compile the project. elements have been connected.


:roll_eyes: :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes:

Upload your project to and show us your summary report

Most likely you have to much of something :smiley:

I do not know why. But I only have 70 small photos in my Assets. A shows 192


First time uploading to ( got error…

Could you post your aia here so someone can check it ?

Your assets showing 82 files

192 is not image file but it is component

Those are components used 192 image components, 542 space …etc


Excessive usage of components too could create the problem… morever if you used copy paste…

See 34 clock component…

How do you managed it??
Which clock is getting trigger can you find it?? Brave

I’ll ask my br0ther.
Because we work together.
Part of the program uses API and other permissions with keys and passwords.

Use: :eyes:
Spreadsheet Extension
Responsive Size


Yes. Use (used copy paste…)

i think you have to call 542 space into a variable or procedure and call from there

and for vertical arrangement just call procedure

and for image use google sheet and call data from there

So your all things will reduce to half

The time I used to delay the loading of elements. (from 500 - 2000 sec)

(and for image use google sheet and call data from there)

sorry. did not understand. what do you mean and want to tell me?? :face_with_monocle:

Means use firebase or cloudinary for storage and from that copy the link from that and paste this link into google sheets and use web components and call google sheets data in dynamic card view or in wherever you want to show like that you can reduce the file size of your app and also the app will not hang.

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I had several components in this window, as you know. I decided to remove some. More specifically, gaps. And the compilation error is gone. :kodular:


I deleted 5 spaces